• Youspital highly regards its customers and always strives its best to impart its customers an unparalleled level of high quality and service. Despite an unwavering resolute to deliver the best value to our customers, we do accept that there can be occasional and unintentional instances of imperfections. Whenever any such discrepancy is reported, our customer support team immediately gets on to the issue and offer compensation if the reported issue holds to be true. So, if you have recently received a flawed or a damaged product, immediately get back to us.
    • Firstly, we strongly recommend checking the delivered items thoroughly at the time of delivery. If you found the issue with delivered items afterwards, get in touch with our customer support team immediately. Please note that not all requests are responded positively. Whenever a customer lodges a complaint, the lodged complaint is investigated and a decision is made in accordance with the following components of the return policy. If during the investigation, Youspital discovers any sort of illegitimate or fraudulent attempt, we reserve every right to take the complainant in court of law.
    • If the lodged complaint comes out be genuine and in compliance with the terms of policy, we will be happy to compensate you in either the form of a refund or replacement of the product. It is important to note that a complainant only holds the right of lodging a complaint in seven days of delivery. If the complaint is lodged after seven days of delivery, it will not be addressed, even if the issue is genuine and delivery was flawed.
    • Complaints that will be entertained positively:

      Not every complaint is entertained and to qualify for a successful return(refund or replacement), delivered items must be having at least one of the following issues:

      1. - Delivered products were different from delivered ordered ones.
      2. - Delivered Items were expired.
      3. - Delivered products were damaged.

Please do not accept the deliveries if you manage to discover any of the aforementioned issues in the delivery. If you discovered the issue only after opening, the packaging, reach to our team immediately. All complaints that are filed in 7 days of delivery will be considered. If a complaint turns out to be true, you will either be offered a refund or a replacement. Please note that it will not be possible to replace every item and it has to be checked before a replacement request is confirmed.

    • Complaints that will not be entertained positively:

      As mentioned before, not all complaints will be dealt in a similar manner. We have already mentioned the possible instances that qualify a complaint as a genuine one. With that being said, there can be deliveries which have one or more of the aforementioned issues, but still they will fail to qualify for a refund or replacement.

      Following are the cases which will not be entertained positively by our team:

      1. - If the products ordered were wrong in the first place, no compensation will be offered in such cases.
      2. - Contradiction in batch numbers on invoices and our records.
      3. - Items not returned in original packaging.
      4. - Rare and Slow moving medicines and products
      5. - Not having original delivery receipts.
      6. - Clear signs of consumption. Items that are consumed after the delivery will not be accepted for return.
      7. - Items that are environment sensitive and can be damaged by sunlight or water or require specific range of temperatures(cold storage) to sustain.

If you are in a doubt and your case is not exactly like any of the mentioned cases, reach out to our team immediately. Remember, all inquiries will be investigated by our team and the right to make a decision always about return of the items rests with them.

Mode of Payment

Mode of Refund

Time frame

Credit cards / Debit Cards

Credit cards/debit Cards

5-7 business days*

Net Banking

Net Banking Account (Credited to Bank Account)

5-7 business days*

Cash on Delivery


1-2 business days*



3-5 business days

    • Refund Timelines:

      Refunds for all eligible Youspital orders are issued to the payment method used at the time of purchase, except for Cash on Delivery. The time frame for different payment modes is given below:
    • * Refund timelines depend on bank turnaround times and RBI guidelines. This may change from time to time. Business days shall mean the working days on which Youspital corporate office operates.
    • For Cash on Delivery Orders:

      For orders placed using Cash on Delivery as the payment method, refunds can be processed to your bank account via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). You will need to update following information to enable us to process a refund to your account.

    • The Bank Account Number
    • IFSC Code
    • Account Holder's Name
    • Bank Branch
    • Bank Name

Important: Refunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts. The name on your Youspital account should match with the name of the bank account holder. If you have paid the bills using a third party account, refunds will be made to the same account. NEFT refunds will typically be initiated in three business days from our end and will be credited to your account in another two to three business days. Youspital will not be liable for any delay caused in refunds due to delay by third party affiliates (including banks), in providing information by the customer, technical issues and other reasons beyond its control.

    • Procedure to file a complaint:

      1. - As soon as you find out an issue with the delivery, reach out to our team through or e-mail address or directly call us at:
      2. - After receiving the request, our team will get back to you in 3 business days.
      3. - If after looking into the matter, your claim is found out to be valid, you will be offered the compensation.
      4. - Refund or return can take up to 30 days and the progress can be tracked by contacting our team in between. Please keep note that the refund or replacement procedure requires time, and it is not a reasonable practice to bother our team members repeatedly.

The amount will be refunded to customer’s bank account in case of cash on delivery. If the payment was made through online wallet, it will be refunded to the wallet.


oCancellation from Customers:

If you have initially ordered for the products, but after some time, you found out that you mistakenly placed an order, it can also be cancelled afterwards. It can only be done before the order is shipped. Once an order is shipped from our end, it is not possible to cancel the order at this stage.

oCancellation from our side:

Youspital also holds the right to cancel orders pertaining to special circumstances, even if the order was placed and confirmed initially. There can be multiple reasons due to which we might have to initiate a cancellation.

oPossible reasons of cancellation on our part:

1.- Unavailability of the ordered products.

2.- Inadequate supplies of ordered products.

3.- Errors in listed prices.

4.- Not able to fulfill by our Pharmacy Partners.

5.- Not able to send Medicine and Products to given locations.

6.- Invalid Prescriptions.

7.- Stop Production By Manufacturer.

8.- Near to Expire Products.


oPossible reasons of cancellation on customer part:

1.- Display of the intent for commercial use.

2.- Repeated orders of the same product.

3.- Large quantities of the same product.

4.- Incorrect delivery address.

5.- Order placed through illicit or unethical means.

6.- Illegal use of the ordered products.

oShipping Charges Policy:

For every delivery, Youspital will charge its customers Rs.29 to Rs.299 based on their location . This shipping rate is on per order basis and only applies to the orders that are sent to the cities where we are not based. Cities where we are based include:

oIf a product is approved for refund, we will also refund the shipping charges. If the cancellation is initiated from our side, we will also be refunding you the shipping charges along with the original order amount. In case of cancellation from your side, only your order price will be refunded in this case.